weaving workshop at the foot of himalayas....Rishikesh, India
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In and Out of Timbuktu
Visiting the construction site of the new workshop, guests from Japan often have impressions like "the ancient remains".
The building materials are mainly stones, mud, sand, bricks and lime.    
For the eyes accostomed to the structures of wood or ferroconcrete, it may look so.

Below is the outside of Workshop 2 & 4.
the ancient city Timbuktu in the Sahara.

There are four "L" shape workshops.
They are made of bricks and painted with the mixture of lime and the local mud, which gives the feel of the harmony with the environment.

Now the work is in progress inside.
Lime was set on the floor of Workshop 3 two days ago as the photo below.

Lime is mixed with gravel and brought in by hand (or on head), and set on the stone with the thickness of 10cm.
Old sarris are hung over the lime walls for the protection.

A good thing with the lime floor is the strength.    
It can last for centuries, which will serve as the base for the ancient remains.

Parva Tanaka